Creperie – West Village

As my mom’s long time favorite, I gave Creperie a try. The place is small, but has a couple long tables along the sides for those grabbing a quick bite to eat. They have a large menu of options, most of which include nutella. There are stacks and stacks of Nutella jars and bananas.


The woman who made our crepes was very nice, and we ordered the “Delicious” and “Famous” crepes, with their cliché names but fantastically appetizing dessert descriptions. 

Right before our very own eyes, our crepes were born.    


And, of course, they had to put nutella on top of the finished product. 


The crepes were beautiful and tasted exactly as expected – heavenly. Everything about them made for a great dessert, and I clearly understand my mom’s brisk return to Creperie every time she drops by the city.

Personally, it would moreso be a dessert to share, since I could barely finish half of the crepe. With the ice cream and thick richness of the dessert, I couldn’t attempt to finish it without feeling like I’m about to burst.

All in all, Creperie provides a richly satisfying dessert. The place isn’t extravagant in itself, and is best for grab-and-go. It is possible to eat inside, but not without potential discomfort from lack of space. When in doubt, put nutella on it. 

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