Popbar – West Village

I love Popbar. I’ve been there twice, and they do not disappoint. Right on the corner of Carmine Street, this tiny stop is where you go up to the bar, and… well… get a pop. It can probably hold a maximum of 8 people. There is a tabletop and a bench to eat if you choose at the Popbar, but you’re honestly better off eating it on the way to your next destination.


The process is not evolutionary. They present you with dozens of beautiful pops of all sorts, and you pick out the one that catches the most of your attention. They have plenty of great flavors, from hazelnut to pistachio, and then unconventional pops, such as frozen hot chocolate pops. 

Popbar has a coating and topping bar where they decorate various pops to look even more beautiful.

The first time I went, I asked for a recommendation, and the man suggested I try the “gianduia.” It’s amazing. It resembles chocolate or hazelnut, with a good coating of dark chocolate I and nuts. Amazing.

Popbar is a great and quick stop for dessert, especially along the way to a destination. There’s a pop for everyone and everything, and you just feel happy with life afterwards. 
Popbar is in a poppin’ area, with so many amazing restaurants nearby and around the corner. It can be hard to notice Popbar since GROM is right on the opposite corner, which is a gelato place with actual seating and more space. But, don’t be fooled, Popbar is the real deal. Gianduia wanna try it?

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