Dominique Ansel Bakery – SoHo

Perhaps no other bakery is so widespread on Instagram than Dom Ansel, with flaky Cronuts, trendy cookie shots, and delicately stylish desserts. I was able to pop in quick one afternoon with some friends to try these famous cookie shots, and see what Dom Ansel is all about.

The place itself has a classy and comfortable atmosphere. It resembles the atmospheres of many bakeries in France that I’ve seen, which I’m sure was intentional given that the pastry chef and owner himself is French. There is plenty of seating, with a more intimate backroom far from the entrance. The displays are filled with beautiful desserts of all kinds, well-decorated and giving an aura of French perfection. 

There is a formulaic dedication needed to get a Cronut, or at least the necessity to come very early to the bakery to grab one of theses sought after treats. Their Cronut stock was nonexistent by the time in the afternoon I arrived, and thus I settled with a classic — the cookie shot.

The woman behind the counter reached into a large metal container hiding these shots from view, and delicately placed it on small, white paper plate. She meticulously poured their special milk into the edible cup, and voila — the cookie shot was complete.

Now, the idea is very trendy, witty, and admirable. The idea of a cookie shot is whimsical and easily appreciated, and there’s many can respect the experience of “taking a good shot.” I approve of the concept.

 As far as flavor, the cookie is a soft enough to easily break, while still holding the form of the container. It tastes like a typical chocolate chip cookie. The milk is unique to Dom Ansel, with a vanilla infusion and rich whiteness that makes for a charming contrast in the dark colored shot. I’ve never been a big fan of milk, so I wasn’t surprised that I wasn’t head over heels in love with their version of it. Nevertheless, many of my friends are reverent of the milk, so it’s all a matter of personal taste. The inner portion of the shot is coated with chocolate, serving as a sealant to prevent leakage, and revealing an added chocolate flavor to the milk.

I’m glad I was able to have one, but the taste of the cookie shot was not all that extraordinary. The concept is creative, photogenic, and presented well. 

The overall atmosphere of the bakery makes me want to go back, and the huge variety of desserts seals the deal on the necessity to make more than one trip. I hope to return to try a Cronut, amongst other treats, in the future. 


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