Community Restaurant – Upper West Side 

This is my #1 go-to for brunch in the city. Scratch that — this is my favorite restaurant… Ever… I don’t know what it is about Community Restuarant, but I can never get enough of this place. Right next to Columbia, Community Restaurant offers organic and “clean” foods with their own twist. There are times when the restaurant is packed (e.g. Sunday morning) and times when it’s practically empty (e.g. Tuesday morning), and I attribute one reason for that being that their weekend brunch is stellar. 

I’ve tried plenty of brunch dishes at Community Restaurant, and have legitimately been super satisfied with each and every one. Their vege scramble is great for a serious pick-me-up in the morning to get you up and going. But their comfort foods, like their pancakes and waffles, are their own ball game. I’m always very skeptical about pancakes and waffles, since they always seem to get boring after two bites or are too dry to even enjoy. Community Restaurant serves a weekly waffle at brunch that is different each week or two, with different seasonal themes and fantastic flavors. Their grains are almost all whole grain, and there’s a legitimacy about their quality of food that is very noticeable. Their food comes from their own local and specific farmers, and a significant difference is in the taste.


Their waffles are extraordinary. I haven’t had all too many waffles in my lifetime, but their waffles are probably the best I’ve had thus far. Their French toast is also great, although it’s a bit too heavy and large in portion size for me. Their pancakes are very photogenic and outwardly simple, but it’s their unbeatable fluffiness that makes them memorable. Out of the three, my personal favorite would have to be the pancakes. If I was to pick a “last meal” in my life, it honestly would be a stack of blueberry pancakes from Community Restaurant. Ugh… so perfect.


The restaurant itself has a comfortable, urbane feel to it. There are large pictures of farmland and things that subconsciously scream “ORGANIC”… You know, in case you forget. The atmosphere feels like home, and the waitstaff is friendly and approachable. 

I always leave this restaurant with this deep satisfaction about life. It’s as if regardless of whatever is happening in the world, I exit those doors full of blueberry pancakes and unquestionable joy.

On a Sunday morning, depending on what time you arrive, you could end up having a 45 minute wait before getting a table. The earlier you arrive, the better. Brunch is during a particular time frame (I believe it’s 11-3 on weekends). 

All in all, Community Restaurant provides fantastic brunch, a comfortable atmosphere, and is in a great area to catch a little bit of Columbia. This is my favorite restaurant ever, and I have no idea why, but it is. I really just want a stack of blueberry pancakes right now. BRB. 

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