Rocco’s Bakery – West Village

Another family favorite, I remember going to Rocco’s ever since I was little. It’s a classic Italian bakery, with every pastry, cookie, cake, gelato, cappuccino, espresso, and fine Italian dessert one could think of. It’s a big place, with plenty of seating extending all the way to the back of the bakery. But finding seats can be a challenge, since the place is very frequently packed. In the back, there is a seating service with waiters, which makes the whole sit-down experience even nicer. Everything is honestly good, and I don’t think one can go wrong with a good Italian dessert. The bakery is full of culture, heart, and spirit, and the energy is always positive and enjoyable. 

There are lines and lines of display cases with so many cookies and cakes that it’s honestly a bit overwhelming. I can never really decide what to get, so I always order what I know best.

Their Napoleon and carrot cake are very good (especially the carrot cake). It’s very authentic, rich, and serious business with their desserts. Since the place is busy, the service might be a little, but it’s well worth the wait and gives you more time for good conversation with others. 

Rocco’s is very accessible after dinner in West Village, since it’s in the middle of so many great restaurants. It’s right down the street from GROM and Popbar and other great dessert places, so it can be a challenge to choose one place to go. But an authentic, comfortable, and true New York Italian bakery feel can always be found at Rocco’s. 

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