In-N-Out Burger – San Francisco, CA 

Ah, yes… In-N-Out. A true staple of California. What would a trip to California even be without a stop at In-N-Out. 

I’m really not a fast food person, but it was simply a necessity to truly experience the glory of the West Coast. The San Francisco In-N-Out we went to was right by Fisherman’s Wharf, and in the midst of probably my favorite place on Earth. I love San Francisco with all of my heart, and I have no idea what happened to me on this journey through the city, but I completely fell in love. Fisherman’s Wharf is a marvelous part of San Fran to go to, with sea lions, chowders, stores, Alcatraz in the distance. It’s beautiful, and it’s some true San Fran action. 


In-N-Out is in the midst of Fisherman’s Wharf, and as one could expect, it’s always packed. There’s a line to order and a line to get your food, and you could end up waiting at least 15-20 minutes for one of your burgers. Seating is just as impossible. You have to truly rely on your hawk-like eyes and cat-like reflexes to score a seat at this joint. The place is a good size, but again, it’s packed. 

Nevertheless, after some good wait time, we were finally awarded with two almighty sacred burgers and a side of fries. THe burgers looked pretty solid. I mean, it still definitely looked like fast food, but they did look better quality than McDonald’s burgers that I’ve seen. The In-N-Out wrapping on the burgers remind you that you are not on the East Coast. 

The burgers were quite good. I won’t say that they were my favorite burgers on earth, or even SO extraordinary that it’s worth going all the way to the West Coast for. They’re good, but they’re just good fast-food burgers. It really wasn’t a life changing burger, and the fries were completely unimpressive. Nevertheless, I was pretty happy after the burger, and felt like I finally got to see what these West Coast staples were all about. They’re worth having, but I’ve had better — my feelings about them are a little in-and-out.

Regardless, right in the heart of Fisherman’s Wharf, it can’t hurt to check out the area, grab a burger, and walk around by the ocean. 

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