R&G Lounge – San Francisco, CA

Right on the cusp of San Francisco’s incredible Chinatown is a small restaurant — one that looks unextraordinary on the outside, but has extraordinary food on the inside.

R&G Lounge’s atmosphere is not anything to necessarily rave about, but to say that the restaurant is always packed at night is an understatement. The restaurant is huge, but it’s still very difficult to get a seat.

They specialize in a number of great chinese dishes, all with a particular authenticism and realness. However, the restaurant is most renowned for their own concoction — fried crab. Beautifully presented and a fascinating sight, their fried salt and pepper crab is unforgettable. A picture of the crab even sits on their business card. Upon first glance, I thought, what could be so over the top about some crab that’s fried, sprinkled with a simple seasoning? Everything. 

When in San Fran, it’s definitely worth a trip to go to R&G Lounge. Probably the best in Chinatown. 

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