Louie’s Oyster Bar & Grille – Port Washington

The atmosphere of Louie’s completely swept me off my feet. Right on the water, the inside of the restaurant is meticulously decorated with great detail to give off a very authentic and careful nautical feet. The decorations, tables, artwork, bar, and general shape of the restuarant’s interior already stole my heart. The restaurant is right on the water, and one could see a marina all around of sailboats and small yachts. 

There are two boardwalks that come off of the restaurant so that you could walk across the water a little bit. The boardwalks and walkways are tight, so it’s limited in how many people can comfortably walk around on them. It’s absolutely beautiful on sunset, and a small park right nearby with some benches to sit separately after dinner to watch the sunset even further. 

 They specialize, shockingly, in seafood. All their food was good, but I won’t say it was exceptional. Perhaps, there are certain dishes that are exceptional, since I wouldn’t be surprised to find that is the case, but I don’t think that anything we got was so out of the ordinary, with shrimp scampi, scallops, clams, and an enormous steak. The steak was fairly extraordinary because of its sheer size. Nevertheless, all of the food was good, and the atmosphere and sunset alone captivated 99% of my attention such that I could barely focus enough on the food itself. 

I would definitely go back, simply because I’m a complete sucker for a good restaurant on the water (but with a particular atmosphere). I’m always looking for the right vibe in the restaurant, and Louie’s gives that to me. The interior is well thought out, and it’s beautiful outside, and overall it was an extremely pleasant experience. 

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