Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop – Hell’s Kitchen

Ivan Ramen is located in Gotham West Market, a trendy and upscale cafeteria with a variety of cool bars and restaurants to grab a great bite to eat. Gotham West Market is a very comfortable and enjoyable setting, with warm colors and wooden walls covered in funny or creative signs. 

Nothing makes a college student happier than some grand Ramen, and Ivan Ramen does not disappoint. I got their vegetarian broth with an egg, and it was everything I’ve ever wanted in a ramen bowl. But even more so, I was impressed by their vegetarian buns, which I believe they called vege burger buns. Those buns were supreme, and may have even been better than the ramen. 


Nevertheless, I can’t say anything bad about Ivan Ramen, to be quite honest. The service is fairly quick, and they give you what you want, and you get it. The ramen is flavorful and interesting, as well as well presented. It’s a great place to catch up with a friend, or stop on the way to see a concert at Terminal 5, which is only a few blocks up. 

After the ramen, Ample Hills ice cream at Gotham West is simply crazy perfect. You may feel the need to run on the treadmill for a few hours after that meal, but you will be so satisfied that it won’t matter. 

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