Levain Bakery – Harlem

Stop whatever you are doing, and listen closely. This is the best cookie ever. 

Yes, I said it. There are plenty of exceptional cookies on this planet — warm and soft with melted chocolate chips spread throughout — but it’s simple, Levain simply has the best of the best. 

This cookie joint may be small, but these cookies are serious business. It takes two hands to really tame one of these bad boys, and it’s big enough to share with a friend (a close friend that you love dearly, of course). 

All of them are super, but one can never go wrong with their original chocolate chip walnut cookie. The right way to eat it? Sit down, break it in half, absorb and process how epic and beautiful the cookie is. Take a moment to thank the universe for creating cookies, and be thankful for the advancement of humanity and the awes of human achievement in birthing such a monstrous delight. And then… Yeah, you can go ahead and eat the cookie already. 

You may disagree, and perhaps somewhere on this planet you’ve had better, but this cookie wins it over for me. I mean, look, it may be the fact that I have very positive associations to the day I actually had the cookie. I had just finished a successful college interview, I felt on top of the world, and what better way to top off the day than with a stellar cookie? So yes, that day overall was fantastic, but just that cookie in itself was mind-blowing.

So do yourself a favor. Love yourself. Go get a Levain cookie. You can hit the gym a day or two later, or just jog to Levain Bakery so it’s all already taken care of. Whatever you choose to do, just don’t forget the milk. 

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