Whole Foods – Jericho 

Yes, I’m reviewing Jericho’s Whole Foods. Why not, right? 

Well, quite frankly, the reason I felt compelled to write about Whole Foods is primarily a result of their sushi bar. People underestimate the sheer perfection of many unique rolls offered at their sushi bar. The shrimp tempura crunchy roll, in particular, had been a top favorite for my entire high school career. The sushi they offer is fresh, unique, and straightforwardly tasty. I’m not a sushi connoisseur (is that what they’re called?), but I’m always highly critical of sushi rolls, and Whole Foods just doesn’t disappoint. The only comparable sushi to such a level of freshness and taste that I’ve had was in Hawaii (Roy’s of Kanapali Beach). 

I cannot neglect mentioning the juice bar, too. To be honest, I think that the Whole Foods juice bar has deteriorated over time. There was a time when their juices were spot-on, and almost addictive. But for whatever reason, I feel that their juice bar completely lost its mojo and pristine juice quality. It’s a shame, considering my dad and I would run in anytime for an Apple Zinger, but now, we think twice and move on.

The hot food and deli section are always pretty clutch, but they have better days and worse days. There are certain foods that are always a hit with me — chickpea patties, Bella vegetarian burgers, fried plantains, the mango salmon, and all of their vegetarian dumplings. 

Overall, I love Whole Foods, and despite the fact that it tends to be a little pricey, the food quality and freshness is truly there. 

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