Prime – Huntington

Prime is one of my top favorite restaurants, especially in the summer. It’s nothing short of steakhouse perfection, especially when it comes to… Well… their steaks. It has a classy steakhouse feel, along with a Long Island twist that makes you feel on top of the world. The interior is very respectable, but not extraordinary. The inside is compartmentalized into different rooms, with a bar/lounge area, lobby, main dining room,”sunroom” type of seating area, and private room. I think the true beauty of the restaurant is outdoors in the back, overlooking the harbor. The wine cellar is worth noting, and is clearly visible from the private room.
The seating outdoors is perfect, and there are giant fire pits and lights ordaining the trees that makes the whole experience magical and beautiful. It’s only plausible to sit outdoors in warmer weather, of course, which makes Prime a little tiny bit less of a destination in the wintertime. 

Nevertheless, if not the atmosphere, then it’s fair to say that the food is top notch. The menu is straightforward — some appetizers, steaks, seafood, sushi, wines. Everything is a la carte, and there are plenty of options for side dishes and “enhancements,” which include adding a lobster to your steak, sauces, etc. There are some impressive offers, such as their “prime grand plateau,” which is an enormous raw seafood tower. They have classic rib eyes and porterhouses, and steaks ranging in size from 8 oz. to 40 oz. I’m always reluctant to order steaks, but I can’t really turn one down at Prime. Their cuts are super, and they know how to make a steak right. I’ve never ordered their sushi, but I’ve heard a lot of people raving about it. 

 I’m always one for quality over quantity, so I usually go for a great cut of filet mignon. I go for the borderlaise sauce on the side, which in all honestly isn’t necessary since the steak itself is well-seasoned, but it still makes me happy to have that borderlaise there on the table. All their sides are wonderful in my opinion, but one never goes wrong with the “prime fries,” thinly cut with oregano and truffle oil. 


The dessert list is satisfactory, with their most popular dessert probably being their “s’mores for two” creation consisting of chocolate, marshmallow, two graham crackers, a brownie, and ice cream (shocker!). 

I’m not sure how to say it, but I really like the type of people who go to Prime. I’ve always found that no matter how good the food is or how pretty the view is, I’m a big fan of people at restaurants. (That helps explain why I love Community Restaurant so much in NYC — It’s not just the stellar quality of food and comfortable atmosphere. It’s the Columbia-NYC-urbane-businesslike-student crowd.) There are all types of people at Prime, but I guess I love spotting out the classics — awkward first dates, business meetings, friend reunions, birthdays. I think it’s a habit I picked up in France — an observation of people, especially at restaurants. 

But anyways, Prime overall is a highly respectable choice of restaurant. It’s exceptional in the summertime, but nevertheless is a prime choice for a fantastic dinner (or excellent date). 


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