Wall’s Wharf – Bayville

Sometimes, it admittedly can feel like there’s nothing to do on Long Island but lounge around on a beach and eat food… Well… That doesn’t necesssarily mean that’s a bad thing, right? Wall’s Wharf is probably one of my favorite (or, even my top favorite) restaurant on Long Island for so many reasons.
The restaurant is tucked away behind a couple beach clubs in Bayville, making it very easy to drive by, never notice, or simply never find. However, once found, this restaurant is an unforgettable gem. It is on the beach — and when I say on the beach, I literally mean that you are essentially sitting directly on the beach. 

The interior is nice, nautical, and nostalgic, but it’s ultimately the raw beauty of the outdoor view that makes the restaurant atmosphere worthwhile. The tables are set nicely outside, and you simply feel fantastic sitting there. The beach is beautiful as you enjoy your dinner to a background of gentle waves. The beach is also always relatively empty, except for a few couples walking, taking pictures, or a dog or two playing, which creates a good balance and scene. 

 The sunsets are an entirely different story. They are simply breathtaking, and I haven’t seen a better sunset on Long Island than the one I’ve seen at Wall’s Wharf (the only remotely similar sunset on Long Island would be at Louie’s of Port Washington). The tables easily get packed around the time of sunset, and Wall’s Wharf does not take reservations. Thus, the restaurant can easily be extremely packed, especially on the weekends or on particularly pleasant evenings. Thus, it’s better to come a bit earlier and enjoy a long, slow dinner that is topped off with the perfect sunset.

The food is also a whole different story. I would’ve already been quite pleased with the view, but the food is phenomenal in itself. Their sushi, which is likely a bit underrated, is absolutely perfect. I’m a huge sushi critic, and I’m almost always unimpressed by the rolls put in front of me, but their sushi did not disappoint at all. The freshness, flavor, and finesse is all there. I ordered the Wall’s roll, which is one of their classic custom rolls, with shrimp and other good stuff that was artfully put together to be both visually and tastefully breathtaking.

The dessert, too, was very good. I shared dessert with my friends and each of them were spot-on. I ordered the carrot cake for myself, which in most restaurants, I feel is either store-bought or poorly executed. However, Wall’s Wharf may have had amongst the best carrot cake I’ve had in a while, and there’s a freshness to it that’s undeniable. 

Overall, Wall’s Wharf is a Long Island diamond. Not many know about it because of it’s tucked away location, but once discovered, you’ll be returning there summer after summer. In fact, one of the first places I wanted to go this summer was to Wall’s Wharf. It’s beautiful, beachy, and the food is amazing — what more could you ask for? 

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  1. Leo says:

    What a delightfully review ….


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