Ocean – Bayville


Guess where this restaurant is located? If you guessed by the ocean, you are most definitely the next Sherlock Holmes. This restaurant is located right by my all-time favorite restaruant, Wall’s Wharf, and so it was most definitely interesting to see how this one would compare. The overall place is beautiful. Ocean is a restaurant part of the catering hall within the building, where a wedding was held the day we went. The front entrance is nice and accomodating with valet parking, and the actual restaurant looked like something straight out of Hawaii or the Caribbean.

At first glance, the interior of the resturant immediately reminded me of Japengo in Hawaii. It’s classy, chic, and overlooking a tremendous horizon. The indoor seating has large, clear windows to clearly look over the ocean, and there is some outdoor seating surrounding the indoor room. There isnt much decor, but there doesn’t need to be — the view is enough. 

Overlooking the beach, one could see nice outdoor furniture arrangements, a nice sandy beach, and even palm trees. The presence of palm trees called for an eyebrow raise, since these trees surely couldn’t make it through the harsh New York winter season. It turns out that the owner of the location actually has the palm trees removed, placed in pots, and stored in a Greenhouse during the winter season. Now, that’s dedication. 

The food was good, but I wouldn’t say remarkable. I ordered the sushi, which appeared to be a very hot item ordered by tables all around. The sushi was excellent quality, fresh, and enjoyable. There could have been more specialty rolls in my opinion.  The sushi bar is located outside, and serves as the general bar area for young couples to hang out and for singles to start mingling. The sushi bar and the general kitchen work at different clocks, so timing may dramatically differ between your actual courses and when you get that roll of sushi.

I ordered a dragon roll, with crab, avocado, shrimp, and spicy crunch. They put a heap of spicy crunch on, which was pleasantly surprising. Other dishes included a stuffed lobster and crisped salmon. I earnestly wasn’t impressed by either of the dishes to any dramatic extent. The stuffed lobster looked beautiful at first, but then looked a bit too burnt or overdone. The salmon was good, but nothing remarkable. The best, in my opinion, was the sushi.
The desserts were fair — Smores cheesecake and Cookies and Cream Creme Brulee. I’ll give it to them for the creativity of the flavors. I wasn’t in a very dessert-mangling mood, but the overall presentation and flavor was there.

Regardless, I’ll say that Ocean is surely a more upscale restaurant than Wall’s Wharf. The food is comparable, but I’d still pick Wall’s Wharf for the food at the end of the day. The views are very similar, considering both restaurants are in juxtaposition. However, Ocean views the horizon up from an elevation, while Wall’s Wharf sits you with sand right at your feet. As far as indoor seating goes, Ocean is most definitely more ideal. I’m not crazy about Wall’s Wharf indoor seating at all. But, as far as outdoor seating goes, I think they are both wonderful, but Wall’s Wharf steals my heart everytime. The sunset at both locations is beautiful nevertheless. 

Ocean may appeal to a classier crowd, but Wall’s Wharf surely has a more loving, down-to-earth sophistication I lean towards. But, I enjoyed Ocean in all it’s glory, and I would surely return there some day for a nice sunset dinner. The place is worth visiting on Long Island.  

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