Four Seasons – London


Our first night in London, we wanted a simple and satisfying meal, and our friend recommended a chinese restaurant on Queensway in London. Only a few short “tube” stops away and we were in London’s version of Chinatown, which is filled with many different restaurants (many of which, interesting enough, are Italian) and small souvenior or grocery stores. Upon first glance, Four Seasons does not come off as a particularly noteworthy restaurant. The decor is simple. The ducks hanging from the window do raise an eyebrow, nonetheless. Plastered on the window is also a copy of the UK’s Financial Times, with the headline “Best Roast Duck in the World,” which was surely convincing enough to get us to walk through the door. 

The decor is simple but still very pleasant and comforting. There are essentially NO tourists, which is a wonderful sight. Everyone was either local or asian, and that surely is a good sign of food quality and satisfaction. We ordered peking duck so that we could try this “world’s best” duck, and then we ordered Salt & Pepper Crab, a dish that we learned to love in San Francisco. 

The salt & pepper lounge did not live up to the very high expectations of R&G Lounge in San Francisco, but it was nevertheless very good, despite the difficulty in successfully cleaning the crab. The duck, however, was truly excellent. I never really liked duck and often cringed at eating it. But, I gladly ate the duck with its rich tenderness and taste. They prepare the duck very well, and it retains all its flavor, crispiness, and moisture.

Overall, the restaurant gave off a good impression, and I was pleased with the meal. It wasn’t the most noteworthy restaurant by any meals, but it’s a good spot chosen by locals who know what they are doing and it yields good quality. 

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