The Georgian – London

My friend put a snapchat story of tea time she had, and little did I know that it was right in the heart of London. After seeing the pictures, I knew I had to go. And alas, I went to The Georgian restaurant located in Harrods department store in London. 
Harrods is a huge high-end department store with everything possible, and The Georgian is quaintly located on the fourth floor. Harrods is on a very busy street in London full of shops and bookstores, right near some museums and Green Park. 

The Georgian is classy, sophisticated, yet comforable. It is a wide open space with a minimalistic setup that looks upscale yet straightforward. The tables and seats vary, but we sat in a very nice red satjn booth. The room feels bright and cheery. Piano music is playing in the background. They offer a full menu, but are most well known for their afternoon tea options. There are a few options, but they all contain the same base with only minor differences in appetizer or champagne addition. 

We went for the straightforward afternoon tea. There is a large tea selection, but our waiter (who was wonderful, might I add) recommended the Georgian’s very own black tea blend. The tea cups are very simple but nonetheless classic. The tea is served in a heavy metal teapot. 

The actual food served with the high tea package was excellent. They are very small portions of finger foods, served as three courses by a tiered tower. The tower is beautiful, picturesque, and makes you truly feel that you are having high tea time in London.

The first “course” consists of finger sandwiches and very good quiches. I was skeptical about the quality or taste at first, since I’m usually not a huge fan of cold sandwiches, but they were each fantastic, carefully crafted, and satisfying. There were different sandwich selections: salmon, egg salad, roast beef, and some other. The crusts were cut off, which was a pleasant touch.

The next course was tea with scones. The waiter replaced the empty sandwich plate with a plate of scones: regular and raisin. The next tier of the tower held an assortment of jams or creams for the scones. It was a sort of interim between the small bites and dessert.

At last, dessert was beautiful and delicious, consisting of macaroons, little chocolate mouse cakes, and other small treats that were carefully made as well. Everything was very satisfying. Despite the small portion sizes, it was impossible to walk away hungry. The entire affair is satisfying and filling. 

The tea was most definitely high quality, and I succumbed to the british tendency to add milk for an additional touch. 
The overall atmosphere and experience was everything I had wanted. The service was excellent, the location was remarkable, and the experience was brilliant. I’d definitely recommend and return in the future. 

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  1. Leonid says:

    Great review – as always!


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