Magnum Ice Cream Pop-Up – SoHo

All over my Instagram, I have seen nothing but ostentatious chocolate ice cream pops covered with toppings and aesthetic sauces. Straight out of an Orgo test with apparently only two days left to try this little “pop-up” store in the city, it was essential that we venture out to Magnum.

I was expecting the ice cream to be good, but what I wasn’t expecting was the decor of the establishment. For a little pop-up store, it was no little pop-up store. On the contrary, the store was lavishly decorated with contemporary flavor. There were artistic sculptures and paintings of ice cream and life’s greatest pleasures, and an urbane touch to the decor. There were plenty of seats, ranging from nice couches to simple chairs and tables. The entrance way brings you through a grand entrance and straight to the… Chocolate bar? The bar where they serve the chocolate? Yes… The chocolate bar, sure.

The ice cream pop creating is much like Chipotle. I forgot the exact price, but I think one pop was seven dollars, which is a price that I think is a little steep, but then again — it is Magnum. They open up a vanilla Magnum ice cream bar and dip it in chocolate (dark or milk) right in front of you. I was surprised there were only two options offered, since their Instagram offered a large variety of dips and sauces. However, it may be possible that they just lightened up on their options since there were only two days left in their business.

Regardless, they dip the bar, and then put it on a small paper “tray.” You pick three toppings, and there were plenty of toppings. The toppings would satisfy all types of flavors and desires — from marshmallow bites to Goji berries to the famous gold flakes they offer. I went for the marshmallow bites, Hazelnut bits, and gold flakes. I took a dark chocolate bar, and I topped it with milk chocolate sauce which they delicately drizzle side to side over the bar. The sauce creates an aesthetic (I almost wrote anesthetic… #PreMed) look to the overall result of the ice cream bar. ALSO, they top the creation off with a small Magnum logo “M” on a piece of white chocolate — very nice touch.

Surprisingly, the bar dried rather quickly considering they just dipped and topped everything before my eyes. It was a decent ice cream bar, but I can’t say it was extraordinary. It was definitely hyped, and it is all for the pictures. There was a much chewier consistency to the bar than I expected. I’m not sure where that chewy consistency came from, but all of my friends agreed it was there.

Overall, it was a positive experience. Was it WORTHWHILE? No. But, it made for a GREAT picture, and the hype was real all over Instagram and other social media outlets for the pop-up store. Besides, pop-up stores are particularly more exciting to go to because they are temporary, so why not? For decor and atmosphere, I was impressed and it was more than I expected. However, for a real good chocolate ice cream bar, it’s likely I’d stop by Pop Bar in SoHo.

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