Oso – Harlem

Right next to CCNY is another hidden gem. Oso — a trendy and tasteful authentic “Mexican street food” restaurant with dim candlelit wooden tables and overhead greenery. The kitchen is open and everything is made before your very eyes. The prices are reasonable, and the waitstaff is phenomenal. The atmosphere is very comfortable, hip, and even romantic.

The menu features different lists different Mexican appetizers, tacos, enchiladas, a steak option, and a number of sides. The menu isn’t humungous, but there is something for everyone. Apparently the taco tortillas are made to order, which is very cool. Tacos are bought individually at $4 each, and the waitress recommends 2-3 tacos per person. The waitress discussed the authentic Mexican sodas they offer, made with real sugar cane and with a spicy kick.

I ordered the enchiladas, filled with chicken with a small Mexican side salad. The enchiladas were excellent — flavorful and had the right kick. The chicken was very high quality and plentiful, and I usually don’t finish my meals, but I surely finished this one. I wasn’t crazy about the little side salad of cucumber, lime, and mango, but I believe it served primarily to clean the palate, which it did indeed do. Overall, the dish was phenomenal. Someone I was with ordered the rice and beans, which also looked very impressive and legitimate. Everything looked and tasted great.

I was a big fan of the service as the waitstaff was highly attentive, constantly refilling water cups and bringing chips and salsa. They were friendly, approachable, and very chill, and overall added to the experience.

The restaurant all in all receives positive reviews in my eyes, and I will surely return to the restaurant in the near future.

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