The Butcher’s Daughter – Nolita

The Butcher’s Daughter is located on Kenmare Street in Nolita, right around the corner from the New Museum. We stopped to eat lunch here right before heading over to the Pippilotti Rist Pixel Forest exhibit at the New Museum, and it was a phenomenal choice.

Upon first glance, the place is definitely packed, but not in an overwhelming and discouraging way. The seating seems rather possible to get with little wait, since all of the dishes come and go quickly, and everyone seems to go on their merry way. We got a nice table outside. The interior is very trendy… Actually, everything about this place is ridiculously trendy and hip. I don’t think I’ve seen a more trendy or hip brunch place in a long while.


We got a nice table outside, and the weather was perfect. The tables are a bit wobbly and a tight squeeze, and I found myself uneasy to move too much too quickly for fear of hitting the table in some wrong way. Nonetheless, the service was instant and pleasant. They served mint water (so trendy) in stainless steel cups.

The menu is full of juices, smoothies, sandwiches, salads, soups, “bowls,” and… yes… avocado toasts. I was in the mood for a nice basic brunch, and I honestly do love myself a good juice and avocado toast. Thus, I settled for the “Goddess of Green” juice, a slice of avocado toast with a sunny side-up egg, and a “Spicy Kale Caesar salad.” Despite how overwhelmingly green my order was, I was actually kind of excited. I didn’t know what to expect though.

Well, damn.  Never underestimate the power of kale. Everything was very, very good. The juice was served in a glass bottle with a customized thick paper straw that read the name of the restaurant. The juice tasted very similar to the Blueprint green kale juice I usually buy at Whole Foods or Fairway, so I was pleased with that.


My salad and avocado toast looked very appetizing, but the true test was their taste. Well, I was impressed. I never thought kale could taste so good. The dressing and the toppings were perfect. Maybe I was just starving? I don’t know… But, this was probably one of the best salads I’ve had, and it didn’t even feel like I was eating a salad. The most notable addition to the salad was the crispy shallot topping, which added the most perfect crunch and flavor to the whole meal.

The side of the avocado toast was the perfect addition, and the bread wasn’t too thick or too difficult to deal with. They seem to season their avocado toast a little bit more to give a good quick, and their egg was done just how I would want it.


I was most definitely pleased with this meal, and I’d come back to the Butcher’s Daughter any day. The sandwiches looked good too, and I’m sure there are other great things on the menu, but I was very content with my salad, toast, and juice, such that I felt satisfied enough to not be hungry for a long while, yet not unpleasantly stuffed.

Kenmare Street generally appears to have plenty of good restaurants. Across the street, there’s a restaurant called Egg Shop that I’ll probably check out pretty soon. There are so many little neat shops around, and the area in general is very fascinating and fun to walk around in. I can surely approve of The Butcher’s Daughter as a respectable addition to the area.



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