Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream – Lower East Side

I wanted to go to Morgenstern’s back in the summer when they had Kanye West week, but the line out the door was so big and unbudging that I was deterred from staying.


However, after a visit to the New Museum, Morgenstern’s is located right around the corner a couple of blocks away. It’s a cute little ice cream parlor that has a simple, plain white interior. There are big menu boards in the back featuring all their flavors and options. After some nice deductive reasoning, I came to realize that they call scoops of ice cream “dips” rather than “scoops.” Even though it was an average Thursday evening, there was a line out the door.


There are a ton of flavors, but I couldn’t help notice that every single person walking out of Morgenstern’s had a black ice cream cone. It turns out that this black ice cream is “Coconut Ash,” which is actually barely made with coconut… It’s made with the outer casing of a coconut, which gives the ice cream its dark look. I’ve never been a big coconut person, but if I liked the sample, I was willing to get it.

I was immediately impressed by how relaxed the man at the cash register was. Despite the long line behind us, this man was in no rush, and he was willing to let us ask any questions we wanted, think about our decisions, and sample whatever. He might as well had a picnic with us with his easygoing nonchalant attitude. I sampled the coconut ash, but I was not impressed, and the man even agreed that coconut ash is just a trendy fad.

I asked him what his favorite flavors at Morgenstern’s are, and he listed four — peanut butter, “rockiest road,” some vanilla agave flavor, and some other indiscernible flavor. But, peanut butter was all I needed to hear. I ordered 1 dip of peanut butter in a sugar cone.


I was expecting some decent peanut butter ice cream, but what I received was way more. First of all, peanut butter ice cream is a misnomer. There were whole peanuts, caramel, and perhaps a bit of salt. The flavor was awesome, and perhaps some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had. It wasn’t warm out, but this ice cream began melting away in my hands, so I had to devour it in a timely fashion. Nonetheless, I was very pleased with this scoop in my life.



Would I go back to Morgenstern’s? Yes. The place itself isn’t that remarkable, but I would surely have that peanut butter ice cream again.

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