Lisbon Cafe – Jericho

Right off of Jericho Turnpike is a restaurant that I probably would’ve never ended up going to if it hadn’t been for a recommendation from our family friends. However, I am extremely happy to have gone to this restaurant as it had some of the best lobster I have ever had.

Lisbon Cafe is a Portuguese restaurant taking the place of a previous restaurant at that location called Vintage. Upon entry, Lisbon Cafe is a modest yet very pleasant atmosphere with good lighting and a very friendly waitstaff. Breadbaskets and “papas fritas” potato chips are on the table, and the overall vibe is very comfortable and enjoyable.


The menu has a tremendous variation of seafood dishes, many of which include lobster. The dishes are very straightforward to read, and there are a variety of different styles and sauces offered.

For appetizers, the mussels and the baked clams are quite tasty. The white sauce that the mussels are in is exceptionally notable. The baked clams are enjoyable, but nothing extraordinary. All dishes come with a Portuguese or Spanish-style simple salad that I have seen at many of these types of restaurants, and I love their salad dressing.


The real winner is the main dish — lobster and shrimp in cognac sauce. Boy, what a dish. I was not expecting much out of this restaurant, but this dish is perhaps one of the greatest lobster dishes I have ever had in my life. I had this dish twice on two different occasions, and it was extremely impressive and satisfying both times. I’m reluctant to even try other dishes because of how much I like this dish.


The secret is all in the SAUCE! That cognac sauce is perfect. Additionally and just as important is the fact that the lobster and shrimp are cooked perfectly. The overall dish is awesome. The dish comes with a side of steamed veggies and rice, which is a nice touch.

They have some nice desserts, like carrot cake, tartufo, pistachio ice cream, etc. and a list of different espresso and cappuccino options.


Ultimately, the true winner of the restaurant is the lobster dish. If there is anything that makes me want to come back, it’s the pleasant service and the lobster dish. My family had a very good impression of this restaurant. It’s a good place for a nice seafood dinner in a pleasant atmosphere (and a lot of phenomenal sauce).


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