Big Daddy’s – Upper West Side

Big Daddy’s is a fun, upbeat diner full of retro decor and great choices of music. The place is very casual and a good place to go with a friend for an easygoing and classic meal of burgers and shakes. It’s definitely a good place to go for some comfort food and light atmosphere.


The shakes are AMAZING. They are perhaps the best tasting shakes I’ve ever had. The Oreo cookie shake was nothing short of perfect. They also coat the outside of the shake to make it look aesthetic and presentable. The shake is probably the #1 reason I would return to Big Daddy’s, and it could be a meal in itself.


The Real “Mac” Coy  burger was much a much better burger than expected. It was a good straightforward burger with a spoonful of Mac N Cheese. I’m usually not into macaroni and cheese all that much since I’m very picky about the taste, but it added a nice touch. The burgers are not remarkable by any means, but they aren’t bad at all and complement the shakes quite well. The fries weren’t impressive, but they weren’t terrible either.


So, the burger wasn’t anything particularly memorable, but rather just a nice diner burger meal. The shakes are definitely the selling point for me, along with the fun and bubbly atmosphere. Another selling point for me was the music played at the restaurant, since it was a modern but tasteful selection. Each table has a stack of trivia game cards, which makes for a fun thirty-seconds.

The atmosphere could be arguably too playful and bubbly for my taste, but I appreciate the upbeat vibe and colorful display.  All in all, I did like Big Daddy’s Diner, and I’d definitely go back for the shakes. It’s a good place to go with friends for a casual and comforting dinner.

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