Giovanni’s Table – Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas

Aside from the specialty steakhouse restaurant called Chops Grille on Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Seas, there is an Italian restaurant. I overall ended up preferring the Italian restaurant more than the steakhouse, all from to the atmosphere, service, and food itself. We ended up coming back here twice.

A disclaimer: A number of pictures from this dinner came out rather blurry, unfortunately, and may have been a result of the lighting. Nonetheless, the restaurant should get its blogging justice. Here is a picture of me on a Vespa outside of their restaurant. You’re welcome.


Upon seating, an cold antipasti dish is brought with prosciutto, cheese, and other cured meats. I was a huge fan of this platter, and their prosciutto and other meats were excellent. The bread basket is brought as olive oil and vinegar is poured into your small dish. This was a great way to start.


I ordered an Arugula salad, which was very simple and reminiscent of the type of salads I make at home all the time. It wasn’t anything wild, but it was simple and good quality. My dad ordered their mussels dish, which was presented nicely, but the mussels were rather chewy and unimpressive. There was also a mozzarella di buffalo dish with tomatoes and basil, which was also simple yet pleasant.




For main dishes, I ordered their eggplant parmigiana, which looked awesome, but surely looked a little bit better than it tasted. My parents did not like this dish at all. I got it with a lobster tail on the side since it was apparently “Lobster Night.”

They also had a mushroom risotto and mushroom ravioli, which both were presented nicely and tasted mildly pleasant. The dishes were pretty smooth. It definitely was not the best risotto I’ve ever had in my life, but it was solid. My dad’s Osso buco was apparently pretty spot-on too.


Desserts are presented on a moving table, where you can pick and choose whatever looks good. They have cannoli, chocolate cake, home-made tiramisu, and a greek yogurt parfait dessert.

The best dessert — by far — is their homemade tiramisu made with Kahlua espresso. It’s perfect — creamy, tasty, light. I wasn’t impressed by their cannoli at all. I’d definitely just keep going for the tiramisu.


Overall, I really did like this restaurant better than the steakhouse, but they were both quite similar in service and food realistically. However, I just preferred the type of food at Giovanni’s more. My favorite parts were actually the antipasti dish and the tiramisu, so maybe that goes to show that their main courses are just simply okay. Nonetheless, it was a pleasant experience.

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