Sugar Factory – Chelsea

For a long time, I have wanted to wander into the famous Sugar Factory for one of these mystical bubbly sugary drinks. Finally, on one rainy evening for a dear friend’s birthday, the deed was done.

Sugar Factory is right next to the High Line, so it’s great for an all-around experience of Chelsea. Upon entry, there is a small shop selling candy and various colorful sugar products, and then the restaurant.


The restaurant has an awesome vibe. It’s dimly lit, chic, and has nice chandeliers down the center. The music is at an adequate volume loud enough to feel like you are entering some exclusive club, but not so loud that you can’t hold a conversation. The music selections are fun and the whole place makes you feel like you’re set for a good time.

The menu reminds me of the menu at Cheesecake Factory — a ton of laminated pages with a million options. We came to Sugar Factory for dessert only, so we just ordered a couple of these “goblet” drinks that they are famous for. The drinks can be bought with or without alcohol. There are plenty of goblet options, all with their own twists on which candy is inside. The Lollipop Goblet is definitely their most popular and most picturesque option.

When the goblet arrives, it is in an empty goblet full of ice, and then they pour liquid nitrogen to make the whole thing foggy and beautiful.


We also got a birthday cake with an awesome sparkling candle for my friend’s birthday. Sugar Factory is phenomenal for a birthday. They sing loud and proud with fun energy, and they present desserts very tastefully with sparkling candles.

They have a whopping $99 dessert sundae called the King Kong with 24 scoops of ice cream and all sorts of other goodies, and the waitstaff really goes all out for that one — turning the lights off, flickering the lights, hitting spoons in the air.

We were there for perhaps an hour, and we must have witnessed no less than 10 birthday celebrations… and they sang for each and every one. But, their singing is so festive and forceful that you can’t help but enjoy each and every birthday song nonetheless.

All in all, it was a very good experience, and I’d definitely come back for dessert or a birthday, or maybe even a full dinner. Definitely a hotspot in Chelsea.

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