The Edge – Harlem

Finding a good breakfast place has always been a humungous struggle around CCNY until I stumbled upon this restaurant on Yelp. It looked solid with good ratings, so I decided to check it out with a friend for brunch one morning.


The Edge is a quaint, quiet, and comforting restaurant that has a very underground feel. It is very wooden, trendy, and tasteful. The restaurant is most definitely not overwhelming, and the staff is rather gentle, careful, and delicate in their care. I felt extremely present in time at this restaurant. The space is also rather dark — almost to an extent where it feels heavy — yet I liked the vibe a lot.

The place isn’t huge, but it’s not too small either. It’s like a sit-down cafe with good food. They have a short, but pleasantly fulfilling brunch menu everyday. There are specials on the wall.

On Yelp, I saw lots of people ordering “Shrimp with Grits” as a brunch entree. I’m usually deterred by the sight of grits, since all the grits I have had in my life have been rather dry, distasteful, and unpleasant (including the grits I’ve had at southern restaurants).


But, the pictures looked very good, and I saw a man nearby eating the dish, and I decided to go for it.

Well, I made the right decision. This dish was phenomenal. The grits were reminiscent of cheesy, smooth mashed potatoes. The shrimp were excellent, and the sauce was remarkable. The scrambled eggs on the side were surely exactly what I always want in the morning, since I have really (really) love eggs.


The place was very calm, pleasant, and overall a very good experience. It is tucked away on the corner of Edgecombe Ave, and is a solid 4 minute walk from CCNY’s campus. I will definitely be back.

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