Salvation Burger – Midtown East


My friend and I have been talking about going to Salvation Burger ever since our eyes set on all the Instagrams and video by InsiderFood.

Well, we finally made it to Salvation Burger one fine evening, and it was nothing short of amazing.


The restaurant itself has a very chill vibe. The waitstaff is all kind and pleasant, and the place is all wooden with interesting and funny cow decorations everywhere. The people who eat at the restaurant are very East-side chic. We managed to get a nice booth, which was very comfortable seating. The booth interestingly had its own “psychedelic Yule log” fireplace playing on a small screen. I’m not sure why, but it did add some sort of fascinating charm.



So, the Salvation Burger itself is a solid $25. This is perhaps more than I recall spending on some burger, but that’s apparently because this wasn’t “some burger.”

My friend and I ended up splitting a Toasted Marshmallow Shake, which was truly fantastic. Surely, it’s probably not the best shake I’ve ever had in my life, and the presentation is nothing special. But, the menu did not lie — it tasted exactly like a toasted marshmallow. The milkshake is also very thick, so one was more than enough.


Then, we ordered the good stuff — two Salvation Burgers and two poutine fries. At first, I thought they had Chili fries on their menu, but it’s deceptive — it’s simply straight chili. However, the poutine sounded way more interesting than regular home fries, so I had to go for that.

My expectations were set at a decent level, but they weren’t that high. It appears that many foods I have come across on Instagram and other sources of social media tend to be hyped. Consequently, the actual product tends to bring some form of placid disappointment.

However, I am very pleased to say that Salvation Burger is not hyped. The poutine fries, which came out first, were the best poutine fries I have had in all my youth. Usually poutine fries are just loaded with some cheap gravy and cheese. But, no — this poutine had amazing brisket and noteworthy sauce. The fries were crisp, but not crunchy, and it was all salted just right.


Then, the mighty Salvation Burger. Surely, this was no joke. The presentation of the burger is enough to shed a tear. The plate it simple — a silver platter. But, that’s truly all you need. The burger itself stands tall with its toasted sesame seed bun, Taleggio cheese, bacon, and caramelized crunchy onions. If I was to imagine what a real-life Krabby Patty would look like, this is it.


After taking about ten million pictures, it was time to eat. And, yes — the burger tasted as good as it looked. It was a very savory burger, but the flavors all complemented each other very well. The Taleggio cheese is noteworthy, with its own distinctly sharp taste. The onions and bacon added a nice crunch. The bun was done perfectly — it was warm and toasty, but it was not hard or oversized.


The meat is enough to be a steak in itself. The burger was done medium-rare, as per recommended by the waiter and the chef. It’s a whopping, thick piece of meat that is tender and wonderful.


Overall, this burger reigned in all its glory. Upon first glance, you wonder if the burger will truly fill you up, but I was very full by the end. The burger is high quality and special, and I would definitely come back here one day for the same trio — milkshake, poutine, and Salvation Burger. Despite the burger’s $25 price tag, it’s worth it.


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