Dos Caminos – Chelsea 


Dos Caminos is an extremely comfortable Mexican restaurant right in the heart of Chelsea. It’s just around the block from the High Line, Chelsea Market, the Whitney, and all sorts of major Chelsea hotspots. It’s literally thinly sandwiched between two streets, hence the name of the restaurant. 

The interior is rather dark, but not too dark that its depressing. It’s dimly lit and has a nice deep-woods feel. There’s a lot of outdoor seating wrapped around the restaurant, which is great for the summer. The shape of the restaurant is rather intriguing and triangular due to the two streets that contain the place. 

The menu isn’t enormous, and the most realistic thing to get on the menu are the tacos. They have tacos of all different meats — fish, pork, steak, chicken, etc. There are less options than I would have expected. There are only three tacos per order, and each order is about $20. The most intriguing and cost-efficient buy on the taco menu is the taco platter of 8 tacos, where there are 2 of each taco — chicken, fish, steak, pork — for $40. This option gives the most variety, the most tacos, and the most bang for the buck. It’s a great dish to share since each person could have one of each taco.

The baja fish tacos were my personal favorite, although the steak was probably a close second. The chicken tacos were unextraordinary, but tasty. The pork tacos were also good, but nothing crazy. However, the dish itself was very good, well-presented, and pleasant. I enjoyed the entirety of it as we shared it. The tacos come with a side of rice and black beans, which were well-seasoned and a good addition to the meal.

I find it essential to get an order of guacamole on the side. They serve it nicely mortar-and-pestle style. The guac is beautiful and tasty, and it can be ordered mild, medium, or spicy. They also give a side of chips and salsas of varying spiciness. 

Overall, I have positive experiences at Dos Caminos and enjoy the atmosphere, food, and location. I would definitely come back, and I’m sure I will. The food isn’t so impeccable that it would blow a person away, but it is very good and the location speaks for itself. 

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