The Refuge – Melville

I’ve passed The Refuge a million times, but never thought much of it. However, The Refuge is an incredible restaurant on Long Island. It’s very trendy, well-designed, and the food is superb. It is definitely a “scene,” such that it is filled with people dressed nicely at the bar and co-workers or friends hanging out in the evening.

There is great outdoor seating with an outdoor bar, which is extremely inviting in the summer. The interior itself is well-designed with lights and interesting decor. The entire atmosphere is very pleasant, and makes one feel as though they are in some cool NYC restaurant. There is valet out front, and the whole restaurant gives off a good vibe with high-energy.

The genre of food can be rather confusing, as they feature Mexican, American, and Italian dishes. They consider themselves “New American fare.” There is guacamole to share, and many other appetizers. They have a selection of pizzas and salads, and they have plenty of entrees that range from chicken to pasta dishes.

They serve a very attractive and hearty garlic bread loaf in the beginning of the meal.


I shared half of the Chicken Bella and half of the “Abuelita Ensalada” salad. Both dishes were phenomenal. The Chicken Bella was very well served, and resembled a marsala. The sauce was great. However, I was surprised that I actually found the salad to be even better than the chicken. The salad was beautiful, hearty, and full of interesting ingredients that came together harmoniously. All in all, the salad won for me.


I would definitely return to The Refuge and try their various other dishes. The place is great year-round — outdoor seating for the summer and indoor seating for the winter. Both indoor and outdoor atmosphere is pleasant and inviting. I highly recommend both the Chicken Bella and the Abuelita Ensalada salad, but the salad truly won me over. Looking forward to my next meal here.

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