Kotobuki – Roslyn

Kotobuki is considered an amazing place to go for sushi on Long Island, and I can’t say I disagree. It’s often very crowded, especially peak hours on weekends, but I could see the appeal. At first, Kotobuki looks like any regular sushi restaurant. The interior is very minimalistic, and almost too compact. It can be overwhelming to see how close the tables are on a very crowded evening. The decor is unexceptional. There is an outdoor patio, which is appealing in the summertime. The restaurant is located at the end of a plaza in Roslyn, although there are apparently other locations.


The sushi and various available appetizers and entrees are excellent. I am a huge fan of sushi, and I always have fairly high expectations for a meal. I went to Kotobuki with a dear friend recently. I have long heard of their famous combination of spicy tuna and crispy rice, and we got that as a bite-size appetizer. I was a fan of the presentation, but the true winner was the taste.


This appetizer was definitely my favorite part of the meal. Its presentation was attractive and noteworthy, and the taste was phenomenal. The jalapeño added a wonderful spicy kick, and the bite-size fritter was crispy and delightful. The spicy tuna on top added a softer texture. It was a phenomenal appetizer and I would be very happy to have it again at this very instant.

They have MANY options for sushi and sashimi, including various omakase options. I ordered one of their specialty rolls — the Fabulous Salmon Skin sushi roll. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the menu description sounded rather fascinating. One of the ingredients was a “mayo concoction,” so I figured I might as well order the dish to taste this concoction myself.

The roll was excellent. It exceeded my expectations. The topping added this soft, pleasant contrast to the crispiness of the salmon skin within the roll. I thoroughly enjoyed the dish, and I would order it again. The sashimi also looked very straightforwardly fresh.




All in all, I would definitely go to Kotobuki again. It is one of the better sushi places I have been to on Long Island. There is definitely some appeal of the “scene” at Kotobuki, despite its complete minimalism and simplicity. It can be very packed, so be prepared to wait or sit quite close to some neighbors. It is questionable if this place is a good idea for a quiet and relaxed dinner, but perhaps more solace could be found in their outdoor patio. Nonetheless, the sushi is definitely worth it.

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