Kisoro Asian Sushi – Carle Place

Kisoro is in a plaza near Roosevelt Field Mall, making it a convenient spot to eat after shopping. I am always initially and naturally skeptical of a new sushi restaurant, unless I have heard many raving reviews. I have never heard of Kisoro, but I soon learned that it was relatively new, opening approximately four months ago. Kisoro is next to LL Dent, a Southern comfort-food restaurant, and Red Lobster.

The interior is modern, Asian-chic with purple and pink highlights. It is pleasant and not overbearing, but the place did look a little lonely, as we were one of the first to arrive for dinner. Upon entry, you are greeted by the sushi bar, and then there are various tables and booths available for seating. It is a typical example of what many sushi restaurants look like.


Their soups were presented in nice dishes, and they had a spicy seafood soup option. I was satisfied with the temperature and taste of the Miso soup.


As my sushi entree, I ordered a shrimp tempura roll with eel on top, and then I ordered a peanut avocado roll. Peanut avocado roll, no matter how simplistic it is, always hits the spot for me. I was happy that the restaurant could make it without a problem. I was once at a sushi restaurant that claimed that they were peanut-free, and although I’m sure those allergic will highly appreciate that gesture, I was admittedly very disappointed to not receive my peanut avocado roll. Nonetheless, the fact that Kisoro gave me the roll was a plus.


Both of the rolls were very tasty, fresh, and gratifying. I had no problems with the rolls. The presentation was appealing, and although I wouldn’t say that any part of the meal was exceptional, it was definitely not bad at all.

Their sashimi also looked very fresh, and I was impressed by the sheer size of the scallops served in the Teriyaki entree. The scallops were enormous.


Overall, the restaurant definitely exceeded expectations as a solid choice for a quiet sushi dinner. I question how popular the restaurant actually is, considering I never heard of it and we had a rather lonesome dinner. Nonetheless, the food quality was there, and the restaurant itself is comfortable and enjoyable. It was not a memorable restaurant, but I would likely come back if I wanted to eat some sushi.

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  1. Leo says:

    Very precise review
    Not exaggerating, but also not undermining


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