Cafe Frida – Upper West Side

I stumbled upon Cafe Frida accidentally after walking through Central Park, but the restaurant immediately caught my eye as one that I would probably like. I was really craving good Mexican food in a pleasantly casual location. Cafe Frida was exactly that. The interior was exactly what I wanted and the type of interior I enjoy for a Mexican restaurant — dim lights, colorful setting, nice designs. The restaurant is located right next to Shake Shack, such that if you sit by the window, you can literally watch people eating at Shake Shack. The restaurant is also very close to the American Museum of Natural History.


Their menu is abundant and attractive. I ordered the chicken enchiladas, and my dear friend ordered shrimp tacos. We shared an order of chips and guacamole. The guacamole was excellent, and was served appropriately mortar-and-pestle style. The presentation of the entrees was also very attractive. I was actually very surprised at how excellent the tacos looked. Usually, I am very disappointed by tacos at Mexican restaurants, since I don’t like the consistency of their taco shells or I feel that the tacos lack flavor or depth.

However, it was definitely flipped this time. The enchiladas, though very presentable and fairly tasty, were unexceptional and I would likely not order it again. However, the tacos were excellent — their appearance was beautiful, and the depth of taste was there. I would order the shrimp tacos in the future.



All in all, I definitely want to return to Cafe Frida again in the future. It is a wonderful little restaurant, and it left me with a very positive impression. I am a fan of the interior, and the food was quite presentable, tasty, and satisfying. I look forward to trying their other dishes in the future.

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