Onegin – Greenwich Village

Onegin is a beautiful Russian restaurant in Greenwich Village with fabulous interior decor. The most noteworthy part of the interior was the ceiling, with verses written that are likely from Russian author Alexander Pushkin. The name of the restaurant comes from one of Pushkin’s novels, Eugene Onegin.

The entire interior is beautifully decorated, actually. The chairs and chandeliers are immediately appealing, and I liked the restaurant as soon as I walked through the door (there may be slight cultural bias on my part, though). The menu is stylistically presented on rustic paper on a wooden clipboard. The dining ware is all customized with the Onegin brand name.

Overall restaurant decor.
The menu.
Customized plates are always a big plus.
Cool egg chairs.
The man himself – Pushkin.

Food presentation was all very excellent, as even the bread made for an appealing picture. I ordered a Caprese salad appetizer (which isn’t even a Russian dish), but the Caprese came with Burrata, which was a very appealing twist that I desperately wanted in that moment. The borscht was also presented in a small dish on a wooden board with newspaper.

Who knew bread could look so great?
I love buratta.
This makes me want more burrata.
Stylistic borscht presentation.

As for the entrees, you guessed it — they did not disappoint. The presentation was still top-notch and appealing to the eye. I had a beef stroganoff dish that I thought was simply excellent — very tender slices of beef, nice flavor, adequate amount of mashed potatoes on the side.

The braised beef short ribs came with a truffle barley risotto that simply looked AMAZING. The richness in the color of the short ribs was almost questionably attractive. The Chicken Kiev also looked well-prepared with a creamy mash on the side.

What real comfort food looks like.


The colors are too good to be true.


Nice and hearty for the Russians.

Overall, in case you couldn’t pick it up by now, I really liked this restaurant. I would likely come back. I am a fan of the overall atmosphere, decor, ambiance, food presentation, food taste, etc.

The only potentially questionable aspect was the service — although it was adequate, there were points in which I felt like I was talking to a waiter who was half asleep. It also seemed at times as if they were doing us a big favor by serving us food… So, that would be a negative.

However, I would come back in the late evening, as apparently they have cool DJ sets and lights. This is overall quite a solid restaurant, especially for people new to Russian food, and I would recommend it highly.

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