The Rolling Spring Roll – Syosset

I never knew much about Vietnamese food, so I was excited to try out this relatively new joint off of Jericho Turnpike. The interior is very casual, but pleasant. The place isn’t too big, and there’s a woody beige theme throughout. There is a bar, although I question if a bar-life exists. Nonetheless, the place looks great for a casual lunch or dinner. They provided us with metal chopsticks, which is always a plus for me since I love metal chopsticks over wooden ones.


The menu has plenty of options — many of which revolve around ‘pho.’ Pho is the most popular dish at the restaurant, and it’s basically a noodle soup. Although I will try the pho eventually, I really wanted a hot bowl over noodles. I ordered the Grilled Beef Satay with Peanut Sauce over noodles. We also got “summer rolls” as an appetizer, which are basically very light, healthy spring rolls with veggies and shrimp. The summer rolls were great, and I would probably get them again. They make for a great picture.


The two hot bowls we had — one with chicken and one with beef — were pretty good. The beef was definitely better than the chicken, so I would likely recommend the beef any day. The rice noodles are exactly that — just plain rice noodles. There is a house vinaigrette on the side that is supposed to be poured on the noodles to provide more flavor. Nonetheless, I wish they spiced up the noodles a bit or added more depth in flavor. The beef itself was great though. There is also hoisin sauce on the table in case the flavor profile isn’t enough.


All in all, I would definitely come again for a casual lunch or dinner. The hot bowl was generally very good, although it could use a bit more of a kick. The beef was way better than the chicken, and the service was okay. The servers did mess up our order a bit and seemed a bit confused throughout. The food portion is very fair, and the price is very cheap considering how quickly you can get full. I would come back again.