For Five Coffee Roasters – Manhasset

For my entire lifetime so far, I have searched for some sort of local, pleasant coffee shop that was not a Starbucks. Finally, I have discovered one in Manhasset that is exactly what I was looking for.

For Five Coffee Roasters is located right at the crux of Manhasset on a busy street full of shops, treats, and life. Upon entry, you feel as though you have entered a city coffee shop. The decor is very modern and clean, yet has its hipster intricacies.

There is — to my surprise — lots of space and a very fair amount of seating. There are two comfy armchairs that I grabbed immediately, and a good handful of tables. The store has its own coffee brand on the shelf. The menu had a lot to offer, and I was a big fan — flat whites, matcha lattes, chai lattes, cold brew, etc. I’m not a big coffee drinker at all, but I opted for a matcha latte.


I was very pleased by how nice the place looked. The service was very kind, and they brought us our two drinks. The cappuccino looked great and was topped off with latte art that was very well executed. My matcha latte also looked pleasant, but they did spill it a little on the way to the table, and my latte art was nowhere near as aesthetic. Nonetheless, the latte was tasty and not sweet (the way I like it). The coffee shop also has a variety of sandwiches and other small bites.


All in all, I really liked this place and I’d definitely return. The atmosphere is very nice, the seating is fairly plentiful, and the quality of their services and drinks are all solid. I’m very glad to have found a coffee shop like this.