Trattoria Spaghetto – West Village

After discovering that one of our all-time favorite restaurants — Café Español — devastatingly closed, we decided to head over here to Trattoria Spaghetto. Apparently, this is the restaurant that served my mother her very first breakfast in the United States.

I’d been to this restaurant before prior to the advent of this blog, but my memory is terribly hazy since I remember having an Orgo exam the following day, and therefore, food all tasted the same (*shiver*)… Fortunately, I arrived to this restaurant this time around with fresh eyes and no stress.

Upon entry, the restaurant is fairly casual, but I could imagine people coming in the evening in some finer attire. One of their walls is wide open, which is wonderful for the summer. You could basically sit inside, but feel as though as you are basically outside. There is an Italian-home feel to the restaurant.

The manager/owner/boss sat at a table nearby, and he evidently introduced himself to me as soon as he found out I was a food reviewer, which was a nice and admirable touch. He was very kind, and showed appreciation that I was there.


I ordered the burrata appetizer and the Lasagna. The last time I had lasagna was when I was probably 13 years of age, but it was recommended as one of the best dishes at the restaurant by our waiter.

The burrata was simple, tasty. The presentation was very straightforward. Sometimes, I wish they would throw some crackers on the plate on the side. Nonetheless, I guess it’s hard to screw up a burrata order. Can’t go wrong.


Now, onto the lasagna. It was admittedly impressive lasagna. There was plenty of depth in flavor, and the sauce-to-cheese ratio was very proportional. The presentation speaks for itself, and it truly does look like a chunk of hearty, homemade Italian lasagna. I would definitely order it again and recommend the dish. I’m actually getting hungrier the more I type this review and think about the lasagna. I’m not sure if it was the best lasagna I’ve ever had, but it was surely high up on the list. We also had the Branzino and Veal Milanese.



Though we went for dessert elsewhere, our very kind waiter gave us three shots of sambuca. Sambuca is an Italian liqeur. It gives you that nice kick you’ve been looking for all day, but is slightly more palatable than straight vodka. The coffee beans in the shot really top it off. It was generally a very pleasant way to end the dinner.


All in all, I was very happy with the restaurant and I would definitely return again. The service was very attentive and admirable, and the place itself has a very pleasant atmosphere and vibe. The outdoor and semi-outdoor seating is a big plus for me, and the location in general is wonderful, right in the heart of the Village. I recommend this restaurant for a fairly casual lunch or dinner with friends, family, or even a date.