Sweetgreen – Morningside Heights

Sweetgreen is a favorite amongst health fanatics and college students alike. Located right by Columbia University, this spot is frequented by passing joggers and hungry students. It is similar in nature to ‘Chopt’ — A Chipotle of salads, if you will.

The decor is very modern and simple, with no smoke or mirrors. There is a pick-up area, presumably for people to place orders online. I’m admittedly always intimidated by the plethora of choices at places like these, so I usually opt for one of the readily available options on the menu. I went for the Spicy Thai salad, made of romaine, arugula, cilantro, basil, cabbage, spicy sunflower, corn, sesame tofu, lime squeeze, and spicy cashew dressing (I opted for no cucumbers). There are tons of Sweetgreen locations, including in other cities.


There are a few tables available (not the cleanest) for a quick bite with a friend. Generally, the place is really casual, and a great spot to quickly pick up a salad to-go.

All in all, the salad was outstanding. The flavors went together very well, and all of the components were brilliant. There was just the right amount of sweet and savory for my liking, and the tofu added a decent protein source. I am generally a huge fan of this salad, and I would get it again. I’ve had the Kale Caesar in the past, which was also quite good, but this Spicy Thai salad takes the cake.


Sweetgreen is a good place for a casual lunch or quick bite on-the-go or with a couple friends. The are tons of options, so undoubtably anyone could find something that they like. Though the plethora of options could be intimidating, going for one of the solid options on the menu (e.g. Spicy Thai salad) is a relatively safe choice.