Heirloom Tavern – Glen Head

Tucked away in the depths of Glen Head is Heirloom Tavern — a restaurant that is so off the main path that I’m amazed people find it. Nonetheless, the place is clearly popular, as the restaurant was packed around 7pm. Heirloom Tavern is not the largest restaurant, but large enough to not feel cramped. Upon entry, the place is dark and woody, but I did not get an impression that it was stuffy. There is a bar upon entry, and then a good couple handfuls of tables. I was a fan of the exterior design of the restaurant — it’s very simple, but has some intrinsically inviting quality to it.


As an appetizer, I ordered the Scotch Egg. To tell you the truth, I had no idea what to expect from a “scotch egg,” but I also generically love eggs (a lot), and so I was willing to take the risk. Well, they brought me the dish, and essentially it’s a deep fried egg. I could not complain at all. The sauce was also very good, and I was surprised by the straightforwardly small size of the dish. It’s literally just an egg.


We also had the lobster taco. The presentation was unremarkable, but nonetheless, the taco was tasty. Nothing remarkably noteworthy, though. We had the clams oregenata, which looked very good and had great sauce.


As my main dish, I ordered the skirt steak done at medium, with sides of mushroom risotto and Brussel sprouts. I cheated a bit and googled the place before hand, and I saw some reviews raving about the mushroom risotto. When they brought me the dish, I can say it was a very handsome steak. The steak was definitely done right, and it was not remotely overcooked. The appearance of the steak was outstanding. The taste was also great. This steak was better than orders I’ve had at legitimate steakhouses (e.g. Rare 650).

The mushroom risotto, though generally tasty, did not live up to this “mind-blowing” expectation that Google provided. Nonetheless, I do recommend the risotto and Brussel sprouts as sides.



We also had the linguini carbonara and the organic chicken. Both dishes looked very good, and I can attest that the linguini carbonara was a A+ dish.


All in all, the restaurant is very solid. The steak is great, and I would definitely get it again in the future. I can’t think of anything majorly wrong with this place. Perhaps it is a little dark inside, but the food was generally great and the service was attentive.