Brasserie Cassis – Plainview

Brasserie Cassis is a French restaurant located in the Plainview Shopping Center plaza. It seems relatively small from the outside, but the restaurant has tremendous depth inside, and features a large bar and plenty of booths. The atmosphere is extremely pleasant — dim lighting, Parisian decor, and generally has a very comfortably classy vibe. There is also outdoor seating in the summer.

The menu is folded before you on the table, and offers a variety of French dishes and specialties.


We decided to get the Calamars a la sauce Thai  for an appetizer, and then we shared the Macaroni Gratin and Mussels Mariniere.

The calamari was excellent, and featured a sweet chili sauce that made the dish definitely better than the conventional Italian calamari with marinara. I was a bit confused as to why a Thai sweet chili sauce was featured at a French restaurant, but I decided not to question it since the dish was overall great. I’m definitely a fan of these variations of calamari in comparison to conventionally classic Italian calamari.


Next, we had the Macaroni Gratin. Essentially,  that is a fancier way of saying upscale macaroni and cheese. The macaroni featured bacon, Gruyere cheese, and peas, making it mildly resemble a carbonara dish. It was overall very tasty, but I think that it could have used more of a kick — perhaps some spicy aspect or richer flavor. Nonetheless, the dish is also on the heavier side, and therefore, you’d fill up quick eating this dish alone.


We had the mussels in white wine sauce. The mussels are served in this gorgeous and large copper-bronze pot. The sauce was excellent and was full of flavor and seasoning. It was easy to finish this dish.


Lastly, we decided to share the profiteroles with some tea. The profiteroles were definitely the best I’ve ever had. Usually, I find profiteroles challenging to eat and not terribly impressive (i.e. Bar Frites). But, the profiteroles at Brasserie Cassis were very tasty, straightforward, and satisfying. I would order these again.


All in all, I am a big fan of Brasserie Cassis. The environment is great, and the restaurant offers a variety of tasty dishes. The setting is classy, but not so overwhelmingly upscale that it’s suffocating. My favorite dishes were the mussels and the profiteroles. I definitely intend to return.