Nhà Minh – Brooklyn

Near the concert venue Brooklyn Steel lies a small restaurant called Nhà Minh, a Vietnamese joint that — at first — seems rather questionable. The place seems to be more of a small shack than any formal dining experience. It fits the hipster Brooklyn vibe very well. Upon entry, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but there are plenty of tables, and a large counter where you go and order your dishes.


I love Vietnamese food, so regardless of what I was getting myself into, I was excited. The menu has plenty of options, but not so many that you become intimidated. I decided to order the rice bowl with one fried egg, their features “grains/vegetables of the day,” and tempeh (in my attempt to eat less meat).

There were a number of people in the restaurant, and the place seemed very popular. The decor is definitely interesting enough to entertain you while you wait for your dish to be prepared.


When I got my dish, I was very happy already. It looked phenomenal, and it tasted even better. This was one of the best rice bowls I’ve ever had in a Vietnamese restaurant. The flavor profile was on point, and to add even more fuel to the fire, there was a small table of sauces that you are free to add to your dish. The sauces had everything from regular chili sauce to hoisin sauce to turmeric sauce. All of them had their own kick.


Overall, I was extremely satisfied with this dish. I warmed up to the atmosphere very quickly, and the service was good. The rice bowl was very satisfying, and none of it was bland. They have a fridge full of drinks, including Sapporo beers. There are plenty of add-ons that you could put into your rice bowl, or you could just order a sandwich, etc. altogether.


If I’m ever in the area, I would definitely return. The place is very casual, so unless you are looking for that sort of vibe, I would not come here if you are looking for a very formal or elegant dinner. It is a self-serve counter. Nonetheless, the good food and chill vibes makes the place high ranking in my eyes. Thanks BK.