Bar Bacon – Midtown West

I stumbled upon Bar Bacon as a local joint near Terminal 5, a common concert venue in Midtown. The name was interesting and the menu was even more interesting. The place is a bar with plenty of tables available to have a full meal as well. Upon arrival, there is a huge, thick brown door that reads BAR BACON. Upon entry, you are intrigued to find yourself in a rather spacious, dark, and lively atmosphere. There are plenty of people, and I’m genuinely shocked that we found a table. If a reservation can be made, it’s worth it.

The place is relatively loud, but not so loud that you want to leave. It’s loud just enough to remind you that you are in a bar scene. As far as the actual scene, it appears to be a lot of friends and close individuals meeting up together for a good time. There are a few TVs (not too many, which is a plus), and the restaurant did a great job decorating for the Halloween season.

The service was immediately very friendly and personable. They have Happy Hour with $6 drinks until 8pm, which is great. Their menu is a whole new level of interesting. Most of their dishes (not all) do incorporate some beloved Bacon. In fact, they even have Bacon alcoholic drinks, Bacon desserts, Bacon everything.


I ordered the grilled chicken tacos (with bacon) and my friend had the macaroni and cheese with pulled pork (not quite bacon, but surely close enough). Both dishes came out in a timely manner, and they looked very good. In fact, I don’t know if it was just hunger, but the entire menu looked very good. I was deciding between many dishes.

Nonetheless, my chicken tacos were just as tasty as they were attractive. They had good seasoning, flavor, and the bacon topper really added an amazing crunch.


The macaroni and cheese was also phenomenal. It was thick, but not overly dense such that you get full after a single bite. The pulled pork was excellent on top. Overall, very good dishes.


Finally, we ordered dessert. The dessert menus a variety of dishes that include… uh… bacon. The first choice on their dessert menu is chocolate-covered bacon. We ordered the Bacon Sundae. Basically, it was bacon ice cream (yes) with brandied cherries, pecans, and a big ol’ chocolate chip cookie.


Overall, a very satisfying dessert. Bacon ice cream is surprisingly extremely good. The crunch and savory flavor within the sweet softness of the ice cream is a remarkable contrast. The cookie itself was nice and soft. Perhaps, my only adjustment would be to for the restaurant to add a warm brownie (maybe a bacon brownie?) or to warm the cookie itself.


In retrospect, my experience at Bar Bacon was a very positive one. I would definitely return. It’s a great place to go with a friend or two, especially if you want a lively and interesting experience. The restaurant is perfect if you are going to a concert at Terminal 5, since the venue is only a couple avenues down the road.