Rustic Table – Midtown West

Rustic Table is evidently a very popular restaurant. Upon arrival, the place was packed and there was a wait of about 30-35 minutes. They don’t take reservations, and it seems that people are genuinely willing to wait. If it wasn’t for the good weather, I perhaps would’ve split, but I decided to duke it out.


Inside, the restaurant is fairly small and truly has quite a “rustic” appearance. It truly screams Brooklyn hipster, and gives a strong vibe of Williamsburg. Nonetheless, we finally got a table, and it was one of those longer tables where the two of you end up sitting directly next to another pair (not something I personally prefer, but so be it).


I decided to order the Shakshuka. I was rather skeptical at first, but it turned out that it was some of the best Shakshuka I have tasted. The sauce and flavors were all excellent, and I finished the whole dish very happily. I would definitely get this dish again. All of the components were well-made, and I was looking for more. They provide you with a small side salad and some bread (necessary to dip into the Shakshuka).


Nonetheless, I do admittedly have mixed feelings about this restaurant. My actual dish was very tasty, but I am not so sure it was worth the half hour wait, and I really was not blown away by the atmosphere in any regard. Sure, it has that ‘hipster, rustic-vibe,’ but what doesn’t nowadays?  The seating gets quite a bit cramped, and there just didn’t seem to be anything that stood out to be exceptional. Nonetheless, it was still a generally positive experience, and I’d order the Shakshuka again happily if I were to return.