The Cotillion – Jericho

The Cotillion is a catering hall located off of Jericho Turnpike that commonly caters to large and extravagant Indian parties and weddings. Although the place is generally widely used for parties, there is a small restaurant area on the side upon entry. Although the restaurant is relatively modest and not the main focus of the establishment, the Indian food they prepare is rather unmatched. Generally speaking, it has been one of the best Indian restaurants I’ve been to on Long Island. Perhaps it is because their staff is constantly cooking and catering to Indian crowds, and therefore they really know what they are doing when they cook.

The decor and menu has undergone revision a dozen times throughout the years. Currently, I believe the menu actually offers a fusion selection of Asian and Indian. There is apparently everything from garlic naan to pad Thai on the menu. Nonetheless, the focus of our orders have always remained Indian.

The service is also generally attentive, considering the place is not always terribly busy. In fact, it is possible that you and one other table may be the only customers around one evening. People who go to the restaurant appear to be locals or perhaps have heard of this hidden restaurant by word of mouth.

As far as selection goes, my favorite dish at an Indian restaurant has mattar paneer, which is a thick cheese dish in curry. We also order a size of bread, such as garlic naan or onion kulcha. The dishes usually always come with white jasmine rice. We also order the lamb chops, which can often be a hit or miss. This time around, they were perfect. I have ordered them in the past before and they have been on the chewier side. You also can’t go wrong with a chicken or lamb curry. Overall, these are usually safe and promising options at most Indian restaurants I’ve been to, and caters to most palettes. We order the spice level at medium.


For dessert, we always order the kulfi. It is essentially Indian ice cream, and usually comes in a mango or pistachio flavor.


Overall, this restaurant does not take the cake as far as atmosphere, presentation, or fanciness. But, the food is generally always rather tasty, well-prepared, and satisfying. I’ve ended up coming back to this place for years, despite trying other Indian restaurants in the area.