Scarlatto – Midtown

Right around the corner from tons of Broadway theaters is an Italian restaurant draped in red called Scarlatto. The restaurant has a classic Italian family restaurant feel with the walls and decor in a rich red color. Many places were packed Sunday evening, but this restaurant was able to sit us rather quickly. They had a rack for heavy winter coats by the exit. The place is evidently rather popular.


The service was immediately very friendly and attentive, and any questions we had with the menu were answered extensively. We ordered a couple of appetizers to share — the meatball(s) and the mussels. Upon arrival, we had one giant meatball with a bit of ricotta, and a plate of mussels. The presentation was pretty good and overall the dish looked attractive, but I suppose I could imagine them giving at least two meatballs. I’m also generally a fan of when mussels are presented in a pot, but I suppose it’s their choice on presentation to serve the mussels in a regular bowl.

The meatball was quite tasty, and the mussels were generally quite decent as well. Overall, the food was appetizing, but it was not the best Italian meatball or best dish of mussels I have ever had. The sauce (presumably white white or garlic) that the mussels were in definitely needed a bit of love and care (or salt). Nonetheless, not bad — and it did look pretty.


For my entree, I ordered a chicken dish stuffed with prosciutto and peppers that was on their specials list. The dish itself was very well presented and attractive. Even looking at the picture now makes me hungry. Overall, the dish was quite good, but also could’ve used a bit of a kick or extra seasoning. The sauce and overall flavor profile again was a bit too mild for my liking, and I would’ve preferred a bolder taste. The linguini with clams and the fettuccini with mushrooms also looked very traditionally good. The dishes definitely present quite well in pictures. All in all, I was satisfied with my dish and ate the entire thing.


Lastly, we had the profiteroles — which was easily the best part of the dinner. The profiteroles were likely some of the best I have ever had. They were very soft and gooey, with just the right amount of sweetness and chocolate. I would absolutely order these again. Hands down, a winner.


Overall, Scarlatto is a very nice Italian restaurant with attentive and friendly service that is very accommodating. The deep red interior of the restaurant was very attractive and gave the restaurant a more bold and rich appearance. The Italian cuisine overall was generally quite good and their menu is rich with different classic Italian dishes. Some of their dishes could possibly benefit with the aid of some seasoning, salt, or overall stronger kick in flavor profile. Nonetheless, it is a nice restaurant to go to after a Broadway show or for a pleasant meal Midtown. The profiteroles are definitely a necessity.