Rothchild’s Coffee and Kitchen – Great Neck

On Middle Neck Road, which is a rather busy and trendy street full of small cafes, bakeries, and shops, there is a very quaint location for brunch, lunch, or even dinner. Rothchild’s has a menu collectively from American, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern background. The atmosphere is very modern and refreshing, and relatively casual. It seems most ideal for brunch or lunch on the weekend.


The service is very attentive, and there is a bit of a Williamsburg-Hipster vibe. We decided to order the shakshuka, which came in two different varieties: the original, which is in a tomato paste sauce, and a “green” version.

The dish was excellent, and did not disappoint at all. First of all, the dish looked very visually beautiful. They presented it very nicely in the pan and on a wooden cutting board. It came with a green sauce on the side; though, I had no idea what to do with this sauce. It tasted quite a bit like a tahini sauce, and I guess I was supposed to pour this green sauce over my shakshuka (which is already… full of sauce…).


Nonetheless, I had a very positive experience. The place was relatively packed, but not too packed such that it was uncomfortable or hard to find seating. The biggest challenge — by far — is parking. Parking is a unique disaster. The street is very packed, and if you are blessed by some Great Neck angels, perhaps you’ll find a spot (don’t forget to pay the meter). If street parking is a bust, there is a parking lot around the corner, which I eventually recognized and found after a rather agonizing 10-15 minutes driving in circles. At the parking lot, you have to pay the meter (no cards accepted), and make sure that you know which parking “slot” (e.g. 89) that you parked in, as you will need to enter this information into the meter.

Nonetheless, as long as you know this and follow through the process rather smoothly, then parking and your meal should be a smooth and wonderful time. The street is also quite nice to walk around on, since there are many small stores. Overall, I approve and I’d be back.