Hummus & Pita Co. – Midtown West

Right by Port Authority is a small joint called Hummus and Pita Co. There are multiple locations throughout the city, and it appears to be a Chipotle-version of Mediterranean food. There is plenty of seating at this location, including an upstairs seating area. You order yourself at the counter. The location is clean and well put together.



We ordered their seasonal special — Their pumpkin spice shake made out of… well.. hummus. Believe it or not — this shake was excellent. Hummus really does make a shake better. It provides a smooth thickness that seems to often be lacking in shakes or smoothies.


Then, I ordered a hummus platter. You could basically order dishes in a pita wrap, laffa wrap, bowl, or platter. The container you choose dictates how many “fillings” you get in your dish. They have plenty of fillings and toppings. I took the Moroccan beans and cous cous, which were both excellent. In general, the falafel platter presentation was excellent, and very tasty. I was not disappointed at all, and would definitely return.


Furthermore, the prices are great given the amount of food you get. The portions, especially in the platter, are very hefty and plentiful. I could barely finish the dish, and could very easily imagine taking half the dish home for later.

We also had the chicken shawarma and gyro wrapped in laffa. Again, the presentation was spot-on. All of the sides were done very well. Taste was also on par. The staff was very helpful and patient with our orders as we navigated through the number of toppings and fillings.


In general, this place is great for a quick bite, and everything is relatively healthy. I would definitely return to these locations in the future. It’s a casual location, so it’s best for lunch or to-go. It truly is like a Chipotle for Mediterranean food.