Gatsby’s Landing – Roslyn

Right on the water, Gatsby’s Landing boldly claimed a rather powerful name. Naturally, Long Islanders and visitors alike must be drawn to the allure of any restaurant willing to claim the grand name of Gatsby.



Gatsby’s Landing has a relatively modest interior, considering its name. It has a rather Hamptons, chill and relaxed atmosphere. The ambiance is very pleasant for a nice dinner. The service is highly attentive and personable, and I would overall give their services a very high rating.


There is a good amount of seating, but there are probably only about 10 tables in the back by the window (3-4 tables right at the window). The window overlooks a pretty body of water in Roslyn, where sunsets are pleasant and the atmosphere is elevated.


We went for Restaurant Week — featuring a prix fixe menu. I ordered the Cacio e Pepe, which is a very popular “Cheese and Pepper” pasta dish (particularly popular today on Instagram). It is simple, and reminiscent of a lighter version of Alfredo.

Their Cacio e Pepe was very good — the pasta seemed to be done correctly, and it was full of flavor. Nonetheless, the pasta definitely could’ve used some volume or a garnish in its presentation. But, all in all — I was happy with the dish.


I ordered the Codfish as an entree, which was olive oil poached and served over mashed potatoes. This dish was very delicately crafted, and it may have been some of the most tender fish I’ve had in a very long time. I was a big fan of the presentation, and I’d overall approve of this dish. The size of the portion was perfect.


We also had the chicken served over polenta and broccolini, and braised beef served over vegetables and onions. Both dishes were presented very well. The beef was relatively tender.


I also got the Gatsby’s Mule cocktail. Nonetheless, I’m a tough critic when it comes to Moscow Mules, and my favorite Mule remains to be at Mari Vanna in the city. I appreciate that Gatsby’s Landing served my mule properly in a copper mug, but it tasted like a load of Sprite.


For dessert, we shared three — the toffee cake, the panna cotta (chocolate and cocoa nibs), and the sorbet trio. Probably my favorite dessert was the toffee cake, followed by the panna cotta and the sorbet. All in all, the desserts were good, but not extraordinary.

(Also as a pet peeve: They brought the desserts out a significant time before they brought out our ordered cappuccinos/espressos, which I understand is an issue of timing in preparation. But nonetheless, I truly appreciate when restaurants bring out both entities together as they should go together. But, Gatsby’s Landing did get us our drinks halfway through our dessert, so they’re in the clear.)


Overall, Gatsby’s Landing is a very pleasant restaurant. The ambiance and atmosphere, as well as the service, is arguably all better than the actual food. Nonetheless, the food is quite good and tasty, just not particularly memorable or noteworthy (perhaps I’m just spoiled as a city dweller).

I would come back, especially in the summer, and always target the seating towards the back by the window. Put in a request for it when you make a reservation, and crawl your way to those tables. Come before sunset. My favorite dish of the night was probably the Cacio e Pepe. 

And that’s all folks.