Spicy Moon – East Village

Spicy Moon is a relatively low-key whole-in-the-wall joint in the East Village, and actually happens to be right in the heart of the Ukrainian village. The place is rather small and casual, but nonetheless has a very comfortable and home-like vibe. The service and owners seem very caring, pleasant, and overall the vibe left a positive impression on me upon entry. The place is also clean and decorated pleasantly, with apparent personal and family photos framed throughout the restaurant. It is also noteworthy that this place has a very vegan / vegetarian friendly menu.


Again, the place is rather casual, and there are many options on the menu. All of the portions are relatively small and perfect for sharing. The plates are generally presented very attractively, and are full of flavor. I would say essentially every dish I tried was bursting with flavor and character. I was rather impressed by the whole ordeal.


The dan dan noodles were probably the best dish out of all of them. They were perfectly spiced, very aesthetic, and packed with flavor. I would definitely order them again.


The second best dish was probably the tofu — so well flavored. They had the perfect amount of sweetness and crispiness. I would say the noodles + tofu = heaven. Wonderful combination and successful dishes.


The Brussel sprouts were noteworthy only because when the waitress brought them over, she mentioned that we may feel a “tingly and numbing sensation” in our mouths after eating them as a result of the peppercorn seasoning… at least that’s what they claim it’s from 😉


We also had the rice, salt and pepper fried vegetables, and Szechuan dumplings. These dishes were all very tasty, but were not particularly remarkable compared to the aforementioned orders. Nonetheless, they were all successful dishes and well-prepared.


The drink menu was also pleasant and served in a nice mason jar. I ordered the watermelon mojito, which was relatively strong and had a kick.


Overall, it was clear that these dishes LOOKED GREAT. We had these cheesy fried cakes that were absolutely amazing and very comforting, as well.


All in all, Spicy Moon is a casual, friendly, and enjoyable restaurant that sure does serve up good food. None of the dishes were disappointing. On the contrary, I thought they were all very well-seasoned and better than a lot of dishes that I have eaten in bigger and fancier restaurants. I would happily return if I was in the neighborhood.