Scarpetta on the Beach – Montauk

Here we go!

Located in the lovely Gurney’s Sea Resort, Scarpetta is the restaurant of choice (and only choice) at this luxury sta 

A dimly lit modern setting greets you with a crowd of Gurney’s vacationers. Nevertheless, the star of the restaurant is obvious: The Food.

The bread basket was great! There was a prosciutto bread in that basket that is outstanding.

With an impressive crudi menu, we went for the Diver Scallops and Yellowtail. It was phenomenal and reminiscent of my favorite experiences at omakase restaurants. The quality was outstanding. These dishes are ideal for people who enjoy the raw fishy textures and flavors of sashimi. 

Diver Scallops

The pasta was recommended as the best choice for entrees. Their pastas are made in-house daily supposedly. The Spaghetti is hailed as their star dish. I ordered this and it was beautifully presented and rich with flavor. There were few additions to this spaghetti — essentially leaving it to the simple perfection of finely cooked pasta with a tomato sauce. It was fantastic and didn’t call for more. The portion was satisfactory for my liking, though I can imagine others remaining hungry after.


We also had the Duck & Foie Gras Ravioli. It had the best pasta presentation I had seen in a while and appeared to be very appetizing. It was flavorful and cooked well. 

Foie Gras Ravioli

Overall, Scarpetta is worth a visit, predominantly for the food itself. However, their reservations fill up quick. But, this is not the end of the world. Even on a particularly busy and hectic evening, the bar seating (which hosts a couple of tables with their own lamps and comfy armchairs) serves up the full menu. We sat at one of these bar tables and found it very pleasant, and we still received adequate service for drinks and food throughout. Speaking of drinks, their Spicy Margaritas are excellent.

I would come back if I stayed at Gurney’s! The food is definitely the star of the show at this restaurant.

All the best,