Black Tap Craft Burgers and Beer – SoHo

Black Tap skyrocketed in popularity recently with their extravagant desserts and picture-perfect burgers, and interestingly enough, the restaurant has only been open for less than a year! Once I saw all the Instagram posts about this hot spot, I knew that it was crucial to check it out ASAP.     I hit the place with…

Popbar – West Village

   I love Popbar. I’ve been there twice, and they do not disappoint. Right on the corner of Carmine Street, this tiny stop is where you go up to the bar, and… well… get a pop. It can probably hold a maximum of 8 people. There is a tabletop and a bench to eat if…

Creperie – West Village

     As my mom’s long time favorite, I gave Creperie a try. The place is small, but has a couple long tables along the sides for those grabbing a quick bite to eat. They have a large menu of options, most of which include nutella. There are stacks and stacks of Nutella jars and bananas….

Risotteria – West Village

   At last, my mom and I finally decided to hit Risotteria after years and years of only throwing glances of interest as we passed by. The place always gave off the vibe that it’s a good restaurant, but it always looked to packed to find a place to squeeze ourselves in amongst the crowd….